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The freedom that comes with acceptance has to start with ourselves.

Connect to your inner voice and create an internal alignment that leads to trusting spaces in which meaningful communication, creativity and innovation thrive.  It is synergy that allows us to start to be of some service in the world.

ART Inside Me


The equation for a Happy Life isn’t too complicated

A + E = H

“A” is adherence to whatever system we live in. The system is the “script”, it’s the
story that we believe that will lead us to a meaningful life. It usually describes a well-worn path to follow… paved by the bricks of conventional thought. How we exist within those conventions may or may not leave us fulfilled and satisfied. If you have followed this path, and have ever questioned “Is this it?”, consider that the answer may not be in checking the boxes, but in stepping outside them.

“E” is our emotional connections, our core essence of who we are and what drives
us. It is intuitive creativity, self-awareness, love, etc….the intangibles that are associated with our basic needs. It is what connects us all, because our personal well-being is dependent on the well-being of others. When we accept, connect and nourish the seeds that were planted in our hearts, “this is it?” turns into “THIS IS IT!!”

“H” is a Meaningful Life, full of purpose and passion. It is what we strive for, desire and is ultimately satisfying. A meaningful life is a mysterious adventure and includes all the peaks and valleys. It is a life where we are active participants in the stories that move through us all, it values the flow of humanity that moves us forward. It is rich and full of love of self, which leads to love of others.

Unfortunately we seem to have a lot of “A” and not enough “E”, and it is the emotional awareness that is the “rate limiting factor” towards achieving a truly meaningful life.

We knew what “E” was when we were kids, and I wonder at what point in our development do we begin to deny that core essence because we feel we must in order to belong. The goal of The ART Inside Me project is to protect that intuitiveness in children and reconnect us to it if is has become a little lost…

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