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Self Discovery

Participants are propelled through this simple process to look more deeply at themselves. Answers surface to questions previously unknown. New skills and a deeper awareness of the self emerges naturally.

Group Discovery

Through the process, as individuals begin to express their true self, the group finds a solidarity knowing that we are not so different. This helps to build group resilience and allow for more relaxed communication.

Inspire New Ideas

The ART Inside Me Experience allows individuals and groups to gain a broader perspective of who they are. Stepping outside of ourselves for a moment often inspires new clarity and ideas to emerge.

ART Inside Me leads to stronger and deeper communication.

Bad communication leads to dis-satisfaction in one’s life, problems within families, and children with emotional problems. In the workplace it leads to turnover and lack of employee engagement. What if we could solve that with deeper communication? That is what ART Inside Me does. Calvin S, EMC Sr. Director

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